Why Collaborative Care?

Integrated Behavioral Health is the care that results from Primary Care Providers and Behavioral Health Clinician’s partnering together with patients and families to provide a patient-centered, whole person approach to meet your medical and behavioral health needs.  

Fragmented Behavioral and Physical Health Systems.

The funding and delivery systems for treating physical and behavioral health have traditionally been separate and uncoordinated. Though clinicians may refer patients to behavioral health providers, those individuals are often outside of the health care system, making care coordination and follow-up challenging.

My Bridge is specifically designed to work in collaboration with your existing clinical team to ensure the highest level of care is delivered.


Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Patient Monitoring means you can visit with your clinician wherever you feel the most comfortable. Physical wellbeing is important to us, if it’s a beautiful day – we may just go for a walk together!

Each patient or family is assigned a care team. You will meet with a clinician who will report to your onsite primary care AND behavioral health treating physicians at your local hospital.

Yes! MyBridge accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna, (will provide full list soon).

Your regular copayment is due at services.

MyBridge was created to compliment your current health plan. Individualized treatment plans are developed during your initial consultations. Patients whom are depressed or have substance abuse issues. Mood disorders and primary care pain management for chronic conditions due to associated with Arthritis, Osteoporosis, or Cancer. Diabetes and Heart Disease management as well.

Our clinicians work together to drill down to your specific needs, coordinate with your local care team and provide them with detailed progression on your outcomes. 

Any new prescribing recommendations are determined at your consultations. Your current health plan including any current prescribed medications will stay with your regular treating physician.

Our goal is to work closely with you to reduce or eliminate any current prescription use by monitoring your preventative care and with coordination from your current care team.

MyBridgeClinic is HIPPA Compliant.